The Artists


Abby Jones is a Freelance Illustrator based just outside central London, who recently graduated in BA honours in Illustration.

Abby uses different mediums such as dip pen and ink, watercolour and a very fine nib to create detailed washed illustrations. Using a fine line to enhance textures in objects, she mainly focuses on the odd aspects of the everyday world, being inspired by vintage, unusual photographs and the aspect of the unusual. She’s currently working on three A2 illustration’s for Urban Outfitters in Covent Garden, and has had a piece of her work featuring in Sancti Clandestini Undercover Saints by Maggie Butt.



Abigail Moulder is a freelance illustrator working in her very own little garden studio in North London. She recently graduated from Middlesex University with a BA in Illustration, her second degree after a BA in English Literature and Language at Leeds University. As you may guess she has a slight obsession with books, particularly children’s literature and is looking forward to working on her first picture book. She also has a tendency to imagine the people she meets as various animals, likes vintage hats and her enjoys trips abroad volunteering with various wildlife.

Abi works in two very different styles, one focused on lino printing and the other entirely collage based. Both strongly focus on fine detail and humour in the everyday. She has worked for clients including Guerilla Dance Group/V&A Lates, Forty Hall, Cat’s Pyjamas Books and has won an award in the prestigious 3X3 Magazine Student Show. Her work will be featured in issue 21 of the magazine. She sells her prints at Baron Art in Holt, Norfolk and has also exhibited in a number of galleries.


Adam is a 3rd year student on Middlesex’s BA Illustration course. While he works with traditional materials such as oil paints, Adam also uses modern mediums such as tablets and touch screen devices to create his images.


Alex Moore is a freelance illustrator and comic book artist based in North London, who recently graduated in BA Illustration at Middlesex University in 2012.

Combining traditional mediums such as pencil and watercolours with digital processes, Alex’s work tends to focus on  story-telling and creating a strong sense of character. She first worked as a comic book artist on “Turning Tiger”, a graphic novel for Renegade Arts. She also has a full-length story featured in the “Tales of the Forgotten” anthology and has produced storyboards for a number of independent features and commercials.

When not hunched over a drawing board, Alex enjoys taking way too many photos and playing the saw.


Amber is a third year illustration student at Middlesex University. She interested in children’s books and loves collage, but likes exploring other media too.


Andrew has been an illustrator for over twenty years and has won awards from the Association of Illustrators for his editorial work. He is a Senior Lecturer on the BA (Hons) Illustration course at Middlesex University. Recent clients include: The Guardian, The Times, Barclays Bank, The Economist, The Radio Times, Diageo, Harvard Business Review, Imperial College, Lloyds. With Linda Hughes he recently co-curated the exhibition “Happy Birthday Edward Lear” and he has contributed to Steady Gigs, The Charity Shop Compendium and The Shed Show.


Ben Hendy favours a traditional and hand drawn approach when producing his illustrations. Ben’s work centers around themes such as carnival, nostalgia and the absurd and is usually inspired by writers such as Will Self and William S Burroughs. He tends to work in black and white because it contradicts the colourful nature of the circus theme and adds a slightly darker and sinister atmosphere. Ben’s work has recently branched out into 3D and animation and he is interested in combining the two.


Cathy Kwan is a recent graduate of King’s College London, where she studied a BA in English Language and Communication. Her artwork begins as pencil pieces that are then put through digital colouring, due to her inspiration stemming from Japanese pop art and highlighter pens. She is currently exploring her art before she goes to work abroad for a year in Japan to teach English. Cathy is also a co-founder of the online retail shop Y.h (YIN & HING) with her twin sister Eileen Kai Hing Kwan.


Eileen Kai Hing Kwan is a London-based freelance Illustrator and Web Designer who recently graduated from Middlesex University with a degree in Illustration. Eileen primarily illustrates in pencil, where she creates quaint and unusual yet delicate drawings, aiming for the little details and fine lines. Her work is inspired by intricateness and all things dapper as well as her Oriental background. Since graduating, Eileen has also co-founded the online retail shop Y.h (YIN & HING) with her twin sister Cathy Kwan.


Emma Block is an illustrator living and working in London. Her first book, Tea and Cake, came out in 2011, and she is now working on her first children’s book. She likes charity shops, tea and very sharp pencils.

Emma’s work is inspired by the people she meets in her everyday life, old photos, vintage clothes, travel, 1950s illustration and 1930s jazz. She has worked for clients including Hardie Grant, Hand in Hand Soap, Blue Apple Books, The British Heart Foundation, Rokit, Time Out, Woodmansterne, Hallmark, American Greetings and Moo.



Eva recently graduated from Middlesex University with a BA in Illustration. She enjoys working in a variety of mediums ranging from photoshop, etching and watercolours depending on the job at hand. She was recently part of the Haunts of the Poets exhibition at the Poetry Cafe and clients include Planet Organic.


Fred Campbell is a 3rd year BA Illustration student at Middlesex University. He is interested in Comic books and animation. More specifically, he is interested in how to make them. He works in ye olde pen and ink but also uses graphic tablets, which are bang up to date don’t y’know.


Hector Lloyd is an illustrator living and working in South London. He creates humour in the tiny details of large images, inviting you to take more than a quick look. Hector’s inspiration comes mainly from crowds, cities and buildings, where he spends most of his time. He uses a mixture of hand drawing and digital process to create large, densely packed images, which are meant to be looked at for a long time.

Hector has worked with many clients including Ally Capellino, Globetrotter Luggage and Ask Hutch Events management.


Jessica Lucia Townson’s work concerns awkward combinations of colours with an uneasy quality of line. She finds drawing from observation rewarding, and is influenced by folk art, the visual culture and myth associated with music. Sometimes she likes to incorporate a sense of humour into her work but usually, thinks she is the only one laughing… or Alex, but she laughs all the time. She also play cello, which is really cool.


Lefki Savvidou is a freelance illustrator and image-maker from Cyprus, currently based in London. She graduated from Middlesex University in 2012 with a degree in BA Illustration.

Lefki’s work can be recognised by her black and white style usually consisting of thin lines. She uses traditional mediums such as ink, pencil and fineliners while trying to avoid any association with technology. She creates work by transferring images of the brain onto paper and as a lover of urban landscapes a lot of the times she can be found trying to create her own.
Lefki has worked for the State General Laboratory (SGL) of Cyprus, the branding of “Souvlaki O Mormolis” the first and only pop-up Greek souvlaki in London town and she’s currently collaborating with Athens based fashion designers Alexia Kirmitsi and Pavlina Papailiopoulou for the branding of their new collections “suvenir” and “kaimaki”.

Tel: (+44) 7590078428 / (+357) 99773739


Linda is an artist and animator. She won a Gold Award from the Chicago Film Festival for her animation “Face Facts”. She studied Illustration at Edinburgh College of Art and Animation at the Royal College of Art. She sells her prints at the Penny Fielding Gallery in East London, and is currently working on the animated short, “Fairground Fever”. With Andrew Baker she recently co-curated the exhibition “Happy Birthday Edward Lear” and she contributed to Visions of Utopia in Walthamstow.


Maj Abrahamsson is an explorer of inbetweenery and occasional picture maker. She grew up in a dark Swedish forest and now lives in Kingston Upon Thames with her boyfriend and imaginary cat. She is inspired by sweets, mist, decaying fruit, stains and words. She is allergic to concepts.


MARTIN URSELL has illustrated many books for children including the award winning SONG OF PENTECOST by W.J.Corbett.  He has illustrated stories by Roald Dahl, Julia Donaldson, Marina Warner, Ted Hughes and Dick King Smith and is the illustrator of the best selling GRUESOME series.  Martin was a regular illustrator for the children’s T.V programme JACKANORY and his own story HAIRY HAIRY was televised by the BBC.

Martin is a visiting illustrator on the BA Illustration and Animation degree at Kingston University and a senior lecturer on the illustration degree at Middlesex University.


Nancy Slonims, an MA graduate from the Royal College of Art, worked at Pentagram and John Brimacombe and Associates as a senior graphic designer before becoming a freelance illustrator represented by the illustration agency Beint & Beint.

 Working principally in collage and photomontage, illustrations have been produced for a number of publishers, notably Picador’s ‘The Four Great Novels’ by Dashiell Hammett; ‘The Chandler Collection’ by Raymond Chandler and ‘From Bauhaus To Our House’ by Tom Wolfe for Cardinal, Pan Books.

 Design groups The Partners, McColls Agency, Yellowhammer and Lewis Moberly Design have commissioned work, and illustrations have also been produced for a range of clients: Virgin Atlantic, Nabisco, Lee Cooper Jeans, Barclays Bank, British Telecom, British Gas, Granada Television, BBC Panorama, and the British Airways Authority.

 Having taught Graphics and Illustration at Chelsea, Harrow, and Croydon, Nancy is now the Programme Leader of the BA Hons Illustration course at Middlesex University.



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